Caipirinha Cocktail 200ml



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    Ready-to-serve within seconds
    No additional spirits or juices necessary
    They can be prepared by anyone
    Complete cost control as a result of individual servings
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    Non-alcoholic cocktails also available
    Store at a dry and cool place
    Perfect cocktails within seconds:
  •     200ml Can
  •     12 x 200ml Can'sper box
  •     Alcohol by Volume : 12,1%
  •     Best Served Chilled Over Ice
  •     Packing: CartoCan, disposable, lightweight, environmentally friendly
  •     Shlef Life: 1 year from production

The Brazilian cocktail is a refreshing mix of Cachaça, fruity lime juice and fine cane sugar with an alcoholic content of 11,9%, that sweeps you away to the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. To a place where passionate Brazilian women wear fancy costumes and crazy plumed headdresses that remind you of circus horses and where tourists gape in astonishment and snap everything they find in front of their lenses. A party as special as the cocktail, that once took your imagination there.

The origin of the Caipirinha

The Caipirinha cocktail was created by Brazilian sugar farmers. With the white cane sugar, used in the original recipe, and the crushed lime quarters they sweetened the strong Cachaça and made it enjoyable. This history of the origin of the Caipirinha can still be found in the name of the cocktail today: The word “caipira” means “country person” or “hick”. Thanks to its delicious and refreshing taste this cocktail became famous all over the world and was included on the list of cocktails of the International Bartenders Association
Yes, we can ship to United States