Mojito Cocktail 200ml



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    Ready-to-serve within seconds
    No additional spirits or juices necessary
    They can be prepared by anyone
    Complete cost control as a result of individual servings
    Use of top quality, fresh ingredients only
    Wonderful taste, they come in bar quality using original recipes
    Non-alcoholic cocktails also available
    Store at a dry and cool place
    Perfect cocktails within seconds:
  •     200ml Can
  •     12 x 200ml Can'sper box
  •     Alcohol by Volume : 12,1%
  •     Best Served Chilled Over Ice
  •     Packing: CartoCan, disposable, lightweight, environmentally friendly
  •     Shlef Life: 1 year from production

Cuban rum, fresh mint and fruity lime juice on crushed ice with sugar cane, this is how the Mojito becomes such a summery favorite. The SHATLER’s Mojito is closely oriented towards the original recipe and offers a refreshing mixture for a relaxed summer afternoon or for a great party night. Enjoy your delicious rum drink and feel the laid-back lifestyle of the Caribbeans. To make the cocktail look just as good as it tastes, we recommend using mint leaves or a small mint twig as well as lime slices to decorate the drink. The SHATLER’s Mojito has an alcoholic content of 12,1 % alcohol by volume.

Mojito – The Cuban rum cocktail

The mojito recipe originates from Cuba. There are multiple legends surrounding its creation. One story says, that a British pirate named Francis Drake cured his stomach aches with a mix of limes, sugar, sugar cane schnapps and mint already in the 16. century. This forerunner of the mojito was later combined with rum, when the production of rum became more common in the Caribbean. But the summery cocktail, that is so popular today, only became this well known centuries later, through its famous fan Ernest Hemingway. His remark “my mojito en La Bodeguita, my daiquiri in El Floridita” still hangs in La Bodeguita in Havana on the wall.

Yes, we can ship to United States