Puly Grind Crystal Cleaner box of 10



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Puly Grind Espresso Coffee Grinder Cleaner - Box of 10

  • Puly Grind is the Gluten free coffee grinder blade and burr cleaner which cleans your grinders blades without the need to disassemble the top part of the grinder
  • The main function of the crystals is removing oily deposits left on the blades and burrs by your coffee beans, these can, if left uncleaned, soon build up and create a rancid smell

How To Use Puly Grind

  • Empty the grinder hopper so it is free from beans.
  • Run the grinder to rid the internals of coffee.
  • Pour the entire sachet of crystals into the grinder.
  • Put approximately 14g of coffee beans in the grinder.
  • Run the grinder until all the beans have ground.
  • Discard ground coffee and pulygrind remains.
  • Run another 14g of beans through the grinder and discard after grinding.
Yes, we can ship to United States