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Swimming Pool Cocktail 200ml



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The first ready-to-serve premium cocktails:

    Ready-to-serve within seconds
    No additional spirits or juices necessary
    They can be prepared by anyone
    Complete cost control as a result of individual servings
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    Store at a dry and cool place
    Perfect cocktails within seconds:

  •     200ml Can
  •     12 x 200ml Can'sper box
  •     Alcohol by Volume : 12,4%
  •     Best Served Chilled Over Ice
  •     Packing: CartoCan, disposable, lightweight, environmentally friendly
  •     Shlef Life: 1 year from production

A fruity-sweet cocktail with a bold color – this is how you can describe the Swimming Pool best. Its turquoise-blue color reminds you of the south sea, the fruity taste of orange, pineapple and coconut of a vacation in tropical countries. Contrary to many other cocktails, that are from the United States or South America, the Swimming Pool is a European creation. The SHATLER’s Swimming Pool has an alcoholic content of 12,4 % alcohol by volume.

The creation of the Swimming Pool

The creamy and fruity cocktail was invented by Charles Schumann of Germany. The bartender first created the beloved colada-cocktail in the late 1970s in Munich. He played a little with the classic recipe of the world famous Piña Colada and replaced part of the rum with vodka. By adding the blue orange liqueur “blue curaçao”, the cocktail gets its characteristic blue-turquoise coloring that resembles a swimming pool, to which the cocktail owes its name. The SHATLER’s Swimming Pool is very close to the original recipe and is a compelling combination of vodka, rum, orange and pineapple with a soft touch of coconut. Enjoy the deliciously fruity taste, close your eyes and dive into the holiday feeling.

Yes, we can ship to United States